Feminist Hater says:

January 6, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Is a good leader one who does not make mistakes ever? Or is a leader one who makes mistakes but learns from them and does better in future because he knows that those who he leads are in his corner?

What I’m trying to get at is the simply fallacy of a good leader being someone who always makes the correct decision and how utterly detrimental this ideal is to actual leadership. A leader makes mistakes, sometimes often, but because those he leads have absolute trust in him and have submitted to him, he has the responsibility and reassurance to learn and do a better job next time around.

Wives expecting their husbands to make correct decisions all the time will end up with a piss poor marriage because they have not truly submitted to their husbands. In their minds, they only submit when the decision is correct so they are not really in their husband’s corner are they?

If you submit to your husband you are to completely attach your cart to his horse. You are to become one flesh and to enjoy success and endure failure as a couple. Your husband will make mistakes and it’s your duty to both comfort him and provide him your own advise in a comforting way so that he can learn.

Condensing all the above. A man will be a better leader when he has absolute trust in those he is leading. If he has to worry about constant approval or constant shame and nagging when he makes the incorrect decision, he will be worse for wear and make a poor leader.