Ellie says:

January 6, 2013 at 4:17 pm

One of the reasons why so many women rebel against the idea of relinquishing control is this: they make their preferences into requirements to a masculine degree. Giving up control for them means that life is scary. A really feminine woman has preferences that she clearly communicates to her husband, but she is unwilling to “go to bat” for anything short of a serious infraction. To a submissive woman, harmony is the goal and her character draws the best out of the people around her.

I have lots of preferences, but not demands. And I trust God to work all things out for the good of those who love Him.

Feminists go to bat over anything and everything. They have to have everything “just so”. When one’s attitude is warlike, one cannot experience peace. Feminists think that conservative women are “uptight” but the reality is that the submissive woman is not the one with the rigid set of rules that have to be followed in order for her to act decently towards her husband.

One other defining characteristic of submission is gratefulness/appreciation. A woman can give willingly and eagerly to a man she appreciates. She eagerly obeys him because she wants to please him. Cultivating a thankful heart is a lost skill in the age of oversatiation.

Along with allowing a husband to fail and not lose face is the commitment to never return evil for evil. A good woman makes it easy for her man to please her by cultivating the ability to find pleasure in small things.

I think that women seek excitement in the wrong place… travel, people outside the marriage, etc. I think that is what God made sex FOR. Passion to brighten the day. These women have no idea of the life that exists within God’s plan.